Breaks, Swells, Wipeouts and Yoga

“If everyone had an ocean, across the USA, then everyone would be surfing” – Beach Boys

The Beach Boys summed it all up in their song, Surfin USA. Surfing is a connection to nature. It’s being one with yourself and the elements. Something wonderful happens as you paddle out into the explosive waves, taking in the fresh air and sunshine; it’s an expression that is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring.

Each stroke of your arms increasing your muscle tone, strengthening your cardiovascular health as your heart beats to the break of every wave, surging confidence and maximizing mental clarity.

Surfing’s more than a sport. It’s a state of mind and being like Yoga. Both Yoga and surfing are complementary. They work towards focusing your mind, ridding it of negative thoughts as you reach an almost meditative state or nirvana even during a wipeout. They build flexibility, balance and endurance strengthening our bodies, building on core muscles and deepening stretches with each jump on the board or Yoga pose.Top surfers including Layne Beachley, Taylor Knox, and Kelly Slater have all used Yoga to stay relaxed, flexible, and vigilant in the surf.

It’s no surprise that they take years to master as you hone your skills. Take the time to explore both of these great activities and spark your body, mind and spirit.