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Yoga Health Pilates Fitness Articles

Yoga Health and Pilates Fitness Articles

As we progress through each week covering topics such as Yoga postures, Pilates techniques, benefits, tips and much more, we publish articles covering each topic in depth. Together with our weekly newsletter, these articles take the mystery away of enduring health and fitness.

  1. You are more than your body
    You have probably heard that yoga is good for you. Maybe you have even tried yoga and discovered that it makes you feel better...[Read More]

  2. Different Types Of Yoga
    There are well over 8 types of Yoga each of them diverse in their movements. The bigger question is "what Yoga is for me?"...[Read More]

  3. Pilates Lingo
    Pilates is filled with jargon that accentuates its core belief of strength and when you use the Pilates terminology, you trigger your mind to follow the image you are creating...[Read More]

  4. Yoga Jargon
    Yoga is filled with unusual words that can often be intimidating. Don't let the fear of these words keep you away from the benefits of Yoga...[Read More]

  5. Running & Pilates, There's nothing like it
    There's nothing like soaking up the great outdoors and running is an excellent accompaniment to enjoying just that, the great outdoors, whilst reaping the benefits of one of the best forms of cardio...[Read More]

  6. Yoga Rocks!
    I have always viewed Rock Climbing as an extreme sport. Who would have ever thought that Yoga...[Read More]

  7. Yoga, Breaks, Swells and Wipeouts
    "If everyone had an ocean, across the USA, then everyone would be surfing". The Beach Boys summed it...[Read More]

  8. ACL and Pilates
    The ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of four ligaments that is easily susceptible to injury or tear because the level of stress...[Read More]

  9. Want to take strokes off your game?
    I have neither played nor been a fan of golf but having heard that Tiger Woods takes Pilates to improve his game, I thought why not...[Read More]

  10. Take on lower back pain with Yoga and Pilates
    If you have suffered from lower back pain, you'll know from experience that it's downright miserable...[Read More]